Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finally, off the bench!

I FINALLY finished making our entry way bench!  

I  bought the wood plank and legs back in October.  Yes, October!  This past weekend I spent my "mommy free" time working on this. And you may ask yourself how much manual labor could possibly go into screwing legs into wood...right?  The hard part was in the sanding as I bought the plank from a wood recycler.  

Here is where I got the supplies:
wood: Reclaimed Wood Products
legs:  Hairpin Legs

As with most of my projects, once I finish one it spurs more projects or purchases.  I'm not digging our baskets or our entryway runner.  There's too much brown. Nothing is popping. The whole thing has too much of an "organic" feel because of all the natural materials.  I think if the baskets were more "industrial" or really bright with color it would be better. 

I'd like to get three of these baskets from CB2, or something along these lines:

And I'd like to replace the runner with Flor tiles. Something bold with color and pattern.  Our hooks on the wall, under the mirror are now only good for our daughters jackets or hats.  I'm going to have to do some rethinking about the wall hooks.

But at least the bench is finished!  And then I saw a similar bench on The Brick House from Modernism Week in Palm Springs and I felt so proud of myself for putting it together.  


  1. Looks so great! Amazing job - the one at Modernism was $$$.

    I've been planning a similar DIY for the around the fire pit but have had a hard time finding the lumber. I'll have to check that place out - too bad it's in LA! There is a place in Temecula called vintage timberworks...just add it to on my mile long to do list.

  2. The list never ends...it only gets bigger!

  3. too funny. i just printed out a pic for D of one similar (DIY I saw somewhere) for our yard! Completely forgot about yours! It looks amazing! Well done mama!

  4. this is fabulous. i love your idea for the baskets, too. one question -- what are the simple little hooks you use above the bench? they're perfect!


  5. I saw your post on the stir and design mom. I can't believe that I actually might be able to make something like this. Great job, you should be proud!

  6. I'm so excited to find a place to get those hairpin legs! I would never have known what to call them. I have a table that I rescued from my Nana's house before it was sold that is just a piece of plywood with some tall black legs like those and I LOVE it! I love your bench too!

  7. I love the bench... So great! And this is off topic, but I also love the bag on the bench. Would you mind sharing the brand or any other info on it?

  8. Thanks! Glad you all like the bench and the resources I used. Jan, hope it makes your Nana's table like new!

    Sarah, the bag is from Reese Li. It's actually a diaper bag.

  9. Kelly,
    Sorry, I forgot to mention the wall hooks I used. I got them at The Container Store. They were $9.99 for a set of 2. I don't see them on their website anymore. I happen to have the packaging still and it says "Millex". They're made in Denmark. Since I can't find them online here is the sku number from the CS's price tag: 10033749, should you want to track them down.

  10. Where did you get the pegs for the coats?

  11. I can't wait to make one! So easy and beautiful. Thank you for sharing and allowing your idea to be copied!

  12. Hi, I love the bench and would really like to make a table similar to your bench! Do you know where in Berkeley, CA (or around this area) I can get any reclaimed wood planks large enough for a fairly long work table?

  13. Gen,
    Not sure. I Googled reclaimed wood and/or architectural salvage and I found places here. I remember seeing plenty of places in the northern Cal area. There is definitely a love of trees up there.

    I posted about the pegs up above. They're from The Container Store but I can't seem to locate them again.

    Thanks again everyone for your kind remarks!

  14. Hi, just found you from a post on Remodelista...just wanted to say that your bench looks amazing, the wood is just perfect...all in all a very classy piece of furniture you have there!

    Am off now to have a nose around your blog!

    Best wishes from Ireland,

    Mrs C x

  15. Hi, what a beautiful bench, love it. I am wondering after the sanding, what finish did you use (wax, oil)to get the beautiful patina. I can't wait to make one!


  16. Hi, great DIY project! I am thinking of copying the idea. One question though - did you really use 12" hairpin legs for your project? They appear taller. Thanks~

  17. Mrs C: Greetings from Los Angeles....thanks for all your kind words and checking our my blog.

    S: I have yet to add a finish to the bench. When you get one of these reclaimed pieces of wood they have a patina all their own and often it doesn't come out until you sand. Good luck and enjoy making it! It was fun for me!

    Yes, I did use the 12" legs because the wood is 2" thick so the bench ended up being 14" high. I didn't want it much higher so my 2-year old could hop up to put on her shoes.

  18. I'm a brazilian blogger.
    I would like to show your fabulous bench, in my blog.
    Congratulations to you!

  19. Love the bench. I want to make one. I like the old with the new look. The best of both worlds

  20. love that bench! it's perfect in every way!

  21. Where did you purchase that beautiful piece of reclaimed lumber? Website link or phone # would be greatly appreciated.

  22. I got the lovely wood at Reclaimed Wood Products. The link is in the post above. I listed where I got both the legs and the wood.

  23. Great project! I ran across your blog in November 2010 and ended up making the bench myself! It turned out great! I've started my own blog and wanted to share with you that I referenced your blog! Thanks for the great idea! http://www.howhardcoulditb.com/2010/11/05/bathroom-bench/

  24. I love your bench project! it is exactly what I am looking for to build a bench for our porch. What depth is your bench? I was able to find a weathered cedar plank but it is only 12" wide and it seems to narrow to sit on. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks! Yes, I found the 12" a bit narrow. Mine is 15" wide. It's a good width and I think the narrowest it can be to be comfortable. Mine is also up against a wall so it had to be wider to be comfortable. Good luck with the project. Send me a link or picture if you post it up. Love seeing everyone's projects in their own spaces.