Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jar of Goodies

If you have kids you know there's toys and then there's little knick-knacks that get accumulated at every turn.  You can't toss them out because they're "very special". They don't belong to any collection and they're so small they get lost when thrown into bins.  These little pieces were driving me nuts until I started reading "The Happiness Project".  I'm loving this book. The author, a mother herself, wrote about the organization of these very items.  Her solution was to get a big jar to collect all the little figures, balls, etc.  It's simply perfect!  The jar looks very cool on a shelf in P's room.  She can see all her "special things" and they're all in order in their very own place. I didn't even have to go out and buy a jar. When I bought the giant jars for the kitchen I moved the flour and sugar out of their old jars into the new ones.  The old flour jar became the new toy jar!
The jar actually blends in with all the books on the shelf.

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