Monday, June 6, 2011

Hoop Chairs!

I've had a dream.....three hoop chairs and one Acapulco rocker for the back yard.  This is what I've been wanting. I've seen other very cool retro patio furniture come and go on ebay, thrift stores and Craigs list.  I've held onto my dream even though it's price tag is about $1200. Then the Palm Springs design fairies granted me half of my dream: three Hoop chairs for $200!!! I'm still doing cart wheels over this find!!!

Here they are in the backyard.  And as always one purchase begets another....  I think we need an umbrella and a low table for this little grouping. Getting these babies set up prompted me to set up our Butterfly Chairs.  They need new covers. I bought the one in the middle a year ago and it's worn terribly.  It was under $30, I went cheap.  The next time I make this purchase I'm spending more for better quality which is essential for outdoors. 

I just realized Innit Designs makes baby Acapulco chairs!!!! Holy Moses P can have her very own! Wait, maybe not, they're $350...

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