Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

A few images of our house at this time of the year.  It's been a quiet Christmas. No  travel plans. No outside family.  It's been lovely. The three and a half of us bonding in the things like cooking, napping and building toys.  It's the year we got our snowman for outside.  This is the kind of snowman we build in Southern California.

Dave and P made a gingerbread house from Costco and it turned out like this.

The train set came out for the second year. P and Dave love putting it together.  I love the special time they get to spend doing this.  

I made our stockings. The two on the far left I made 7 years ago for Dave and me during our first Christmas together.  The ones on the right I made last year to include other family members. This year P chose those two for herself and her sister to come.  

 P is this tall this year. (In comparison to the tree)

 Our first Christmas with Penny, our 18month old rescue from Linda Blair.

  It's the year, I'm 6 months pregnant with our second! 

 P made us these Christmas ornaments of gingerbread!

 Our 1950's nativity set from inherited from Dave's grandfather. 

P got her first real and compete dollhouse.  The Plan Toys Chalet with furniture.  She loves it and we love it for it's functionality and design.  

 Play time in the hallway with her marble run! Using the house as part of her play and creativity!

 I love this picture. Shows off the light in the house plus the fun of giving toys to our kids that are as much fun for us as it is for them.....I think!

 Christmas Eve after mass.  A train, a tree and my family! Love it!

 Before having children I hated these window clings. I thought they looked dumb and ugly. Now, I love them. They make the house feel homey and clearly identify the ages and stages we're living through. 

 With our new bookcase we now have a place to put nutcrackers, etc. P wanted her own. We got her a small one but what she meant was that she wanted a real working one.

 Our holiday cards get displayed on a glittery, red string across our chalk wall.  
I love getting and sending holiday cards. REAL cards are a tradition I hope never goes away despite ecards

The best part about the holidays this year was Dave cooking super delicious Cornish hens!  He is not "the cook" in the house but it seems that when left to his own devices he is quite awesome!  I've never cooked a bird in my life and it looks like I may never have to. His were so delicious! 

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