Saturday, January 28, 2012

Push Gifts

Dave came up to me today and said "Ok, let me get this straight, a push gift is not for the baby but for the mom?" To which I replied "Yes! Exactly, and it usually comes in the form of diamonds...or so I've been told."  But as I think of it, diamonds aren't my thing.  I told him I really wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer but he refuses to get me any kind of kitchen appliance.  He says that's a normal day to day purchase, like buying cameras for him. It's part of our "work". 

What's my thing?  Accessories for the home.  That's my thing!  So here is a list, for me to remember and for Dave to see of the things I'd consider an awesome push gift.

I guess I haven't really mentioned it officially but I'm pregnant.  Unlike the last time I announced it, I'm pretty far along. I'm in my 3rd trimester. I've actually been afraid to jinx it but after numerous tests and ultrasounds we are pretty much in the clear.  I asked my doctor a while back when I could stop worrying. She gave me this funny look and said "You're a mom now, have you stopped worrying since your daughter arrived 4 years ago?" No! No I have not stopped worrying. It's a perpetual thing as a parent.

With that in mind these are the things that will keep me semi worry-free as I see them around the house. I know there are more things on my wish list but this is all I can remember right now!

image via DWR

image via DWR

Bullet Planter. Med or tall: $155-160
image via Hip Haven

 image via Potted

image via Crate & Barrel

I have no idea why I find this vase so charming but it's the kind of thing I'd never buy myself but I'd love to see it in the house.
image via Jonathan Adler


  1. i vote for the vases & the second clock :) i got an iPod boom box doc with lily n i think i was still getting over the 11 lb 6 ozes of owen because i have no recollection of that gift :-P dayam did i ever deserve one for pushing THAT out!!!! lol

    1. 11.6lbs....that's all I heard from reading your comment! Holy Moses! HOLY MOSES!

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