kriselkeeper: January 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Production Offices

I use to work in the film industry.  I worked in the art department making commercials.  Some of the production offices I worked in had such amazing industrial spaces. Most had great props or furniture from sets.

My husband still works in the commercial world.  In December, we hung with him as he wrapped up a job and we officially started Christmas break.  I liked the kitchen tile in this space. I also liked the opaque, patterned glass that went from floor to ceiling...and the pattern repeated itself in the office wall dividers.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Knoll kids

Oh, I'm so in love with this table and chair.  It's really just as expensive as the adult version.  For some reason I REALLY get a kick of these stylish items in mini version.  Darn Knoll!

Well in the mean time we'll be ok with our American Girl version of the Saarinen table and chairs.  Our daughter's Godfather gave it to her for Christmas this year.  The hubby and  I are jealous of Pooh and Olivia!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kid Modern

I find it hard to mix modern, simple, clean design with kids.  There is nothing clean about kids.  When I think modern and elegant I think of shades of gray, white, browns, olives, woods. When I think of kids I think orange, lime green, yellow, red, pink. I really love to see homes that integrate both of these amazing lifestyles well.  Here's a house I loved. 

images courtesy of David S. Ferdig photography

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I am an Epoxy Goddess!!!

That's what I yelled as I walked into the house today!  And my husband yelled back "YOU ARE"!

I have all but two things left on the list.  Finish rebuilding the beams with the marine epoxy resin and paint. Yesterday I finally dropped the fear, grabbed the bull by the horns and mixed that three part epoxy and went to town.  All this time I've been fearing this stuff!

The first round of trying to use the stuff didn't go so well.  I wanted it to be like puddy so I could build the beams out but I didn't use enough resin.  I was too afraid of how quickly it was going to set.  Then when I least expected it the epoxy I had in the plastic cup got really, really hot and boom!  Just like that it hardened. It was unmovable.  However, the epoxy I had applied on the beam was still very much like liquid.  Odd. 

Today I kept it the consistency of fluids to give the beams a good even coat of protection.  Then I added resin like mad.  Finally got it to be nice and thick and I started applying.  I loved it. It's like sculpting. The people who use this stuff often and well really are artists.  

I have to go back to Florida on Saturday so the work will come to a hault again but this is what's left to do:
1. build out third and worst beam.
2. sand all "lumpy" beams and spots.
3. paint. 

and I'll be FINISHED!!!!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The fun continues

It's January and we (I) are still working on the windows and beams.  This is now not a cost saving DIY project as we've been renting scaffolding since October at $70/week.  Brilliant huh? 

We actually haven't been procrastinating.  Our only time to work on big projects like this is when my husband is home from work and can watch our 2-year old while I tackle epoxy, caulking, etc.  He works freelance.  The standard 9-5, home on the weekends kind of schedule is definitely not ours. Sometimes he'll be home for days but lately he's been working non-stop...which is good.  

Although I've been working a good deal for the past few days you wouldn't know it.  I've been caulking window and roof seams, scraping off old paint from the windows and filling in minor holes with wood filler. 

I finally realized I needed a concrete to-do list.  Part of my frustration is that I feel I'm coming up with solutions as we go along because we've never tackled these issues before. It would be one thing to have a regular home with no historical value. With a Mid-Century home we want to keep to the house's integrity while using modern solutions but with limited carpentery skills and experience.  Sounds like a disaster huh?

Anyway, I have 9 steps to go before I'm done.  We'll see how many I crunch through tomorrow.

In the meantime, our Christmas lights are so not straight.  And, because they are all white we look like a cheap Italian restaurant.  Going to have to do something different next year.    

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