kriselkeeper: March 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Etsy Art

I've been looking on Etsy for art lately.  I wanted to find an illustration or graphic design that was about sisters. Because Dave is a photographer we mostly have photographs up on our walls. I want to balance it out with illustrations.

 I didn't find what I was looking for but found a few other shops I really loved.  P seemed to like them to. It's interesting what she's drawn to as far as art goes.  She liked the shops I marked but preferred other pieces. Here's a few of my favorite finds:

I'd love this for our bedroom. It would be more of a Dave and me art piece.

I love it's sweetness.  There's another one of two sisters that's pretty sweet to.

This wasn't my favorite piece but it was P's.  I loved alot of what she did. The "I love My City" and "Circus" prints were my faves.

I liked several of her pieces, but the look on the little girl's face and what this one said really melted my heart.

My favorite at this shop was the Zodiac Signs but she also has great inspirational quotes and great graphics of each state. 

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