kriselkeeper: April 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Bundles of Chaos

Babies are considered little bundles of joy but I really wish people were honest and admitted that they're also little bundles of chaos. I mean look at our house right now!  The only calm part of this picture is the sleeping baby.  I'm going a little nutty. I don't like this much mess but if given the choice between sleep and organizing....right now I'll take sleep!

A huge part of the chaos is actually P's.  But I can't get on her case about putting every single thing away when she's doing me the greatest favor of entertaining herself while I nurse baby G.  There's parts of the day when I literally can't put the baby down and she's nursing for 2-3 straight hours.  P makes forts, houses, art projects, sews, etc and of course leaves a giant mess.  How can I get upset with her or put her creations away when she has done me the greatest favor ever?

For for now we'll be voted the messiest house in the city and as long as my two girls are ok then all else doesn't matter.  

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Push Gift

I've had an eventful month. I gave birth to our second daughter on March 18th.  She was five days late and for various reasons we decided it was best to do a c-section. I'm slowly but surely making my way back from surgery.  Dave went back to work this week after taking three weeks off. I'm so grateful he was able to do that because I needed him the week before, the week of and for a week after. 

Our house is currently in a state of constant chaos but Dave gave me an awesome push gift that gives me one little space of absolute relaxed bliss.  He got me the St. Tropez hanging chair from Mason Bertet.  It's the perfect outdoor "rocker" and will come in handy as the summer months approach.  It will be the perfect place to rock one daughter while watching the other swim.  Perfect multi-tasking. 

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