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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vivian Maier

 Vivian Maier was a nanny in the 1950's.  She was also a brilliant photographer but no one ever knew it.  No one ever knew she had this amazing talent.  When I learned of her story it really struck me. I guess it was inspiring because here is this woman whose entire life was taking care of children. What she did to make a living had no negative impact on her eye. I love these stories where it's obvious that talent is something your born with, not learned.   

Maier's work was discovered in 2007. There are over 100,000 negatives. Her point of view on life is quite fantastic. Some of the images capture children and domestic life while others are brilliant captures of people in interesting urban settings.  More of her images and story can be seen here.  Having a photographer for a husband I don't really like hanging other people's work on our walls but I must say, this is one photographer whose work I would love to have. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Changes. House Changes

It wasn't too long ago that we made some changes to the living room. About a month ago I did more rearranging. I'm due to deliver our second child in two weeks. I get very specific of how I want the house with the coming of a baby.  There are midnight feedings, changing areas, napping areas, play areas to think about. My comfort and P's entertainment doing all these things is essential.  

When P was born we had the couches arranged as they were meant to be, a sectional.  As time went on I didn't like how the couch felt in our living room so I separated the pieces. Dave and I have discussed getting a new couch for a long time but this one is perfect for making it through little kids with Sharpies and vomit.  I don't want to stress over new couches just yet.  

One thing I fondly remember of having the couch as a sectional when P was born was that I practically spent the first three months of her life on it.  I know I won't have that same luxury with a four year old AND a new born but I really wanted the cozy feeling back.  By accident the couch came together as you see it and it felt and looked right.  Somehow, with the addition of the shelves the whole thing works in this arrangement. 
 Before, we had the opening of the sectional facing the wall with the bookcase. To get out of the seating area you had to walk all the way around the couch to get to the kitchen or dining table. This time, with the opening towards the dining table it makes the whole space flow much better. It's more inviting and you can sit and chat on the couch with the people sitting at the dining table.  

Other items making a come back are the stroller, the birthing ball and the swing which was moved into another room today.  The Bugaboo has a permanent parking spot by the hallway. I'm guessing it will be parked there for the next three years.  To be honest the house feels cluttered. But unlike before I know this stage will pass. The needs of the kids evolves as will the look of the house. 

One look I will always love is P going through our books. I'm so glad we added this book case.  I'm amazed how much she is enjoying our art and photo books.  I never would have thought of buying her an "adult" book but obviously it's just as entertaining for her as it is for us.  

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