kriselkeeper: January 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Own French Blue Napkins

Good Lord!  My last post was in October! Where has the time gone?  Wait, I know!  Time disappears at 4am when our 10month old, Gemma, often wakes up.  We are all so tired and now go we to bed so early thanks to our super early riser.  Who has the energy to blog?  

Well today I got the energy not just to blog but to sew a bit as well.  I bought some lovely placemats back in October.  They are exactly what I wanted. Very French. Very easy to clean. Very lasting through wash after wash after wash. But I had no napkins. I wanted simple, frayed-edge, linen napkins in navy. I couldn't find them anywhere. I did find one set but they were $20 a napkin so for 6 that's $120 for the simplest kind of napkin you can think of.  I'm telling you the simpler I want something the more expensive it is. 

Then back in October as I was shopping for fabric for Halloween costumes I saw the navy linen I wanted so I decided to make them.  It's the easiest sewing project ever. It was literally sewing a box.  And yet, four straight lines took me 3 months to get off my to-do list!

I couldn't help but smile all the way through dinner tonight. Our place settings now coordinate!  I was embarrassed recently when talking to a friend about people who don't set their tables when they sit to eat.  I'm one of those people!   Our table has odds and ends hanging out at one half and we're at the other with a mish-mosh of napkins and placemats.  Sometimes, I don't even have clean napkins so P has solved the problem by getting out a dish towel!  Oh for Pete's sake were worse than the non-table-setters!  I vow to make this better.  I vow to get my act together in the table top department!  I mean, my mom works at Crate & Barrel. I can solve the problem.  And when I do solve the problem I feel like I'm dining in Provence with their chic yet uncomplicated ways!