kriselkeeper: November 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011


Remodelista's Janet Hall is also a contributor at  Today she did a round up of stylish mudrooms/entryways and we made the cut!  It's so cool! But here is the funny thing....

One recent morning Dave and I got into a fight about our entryway.  Our new dog chewed one of P's shoes and Dave wanted to move all the shoes some place else.  Where?  Oh, I don't know but he said he wanted to see all the shoes lined up in their own neat cubbies. Really Dave? You mean the way Jay Z or Diddy have all their shoes in their 20,000 square foot homes?  Let me quickly build us an addition onto our 1700 sq foot house just for our shoes, cause we to, should live the rapper lifestyle!

Anyway, after our fight he took off for work and I sat down to go through emails.  There was Janet's email!  Our entryway in a round up of STYLISH entryways?  Oh this was just too good!  The design gods were looking down on me! I forwarded the email to Dave. It took me longer to hit send than for him to call me back and we both had a good laugh.  "Ok" he says, "we won't change a thing"!

So, THANK YOU JANET!  We're incredibly honored and I'm incredibly grateful because I won this marital/design fight hands down thanks to you!!!